THE MIND CLINIC, a subsidiary of TITANS LEARNING PVT. LTD., is run by expert psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and counsellors. All brilliant minds under one roof to work on your mind and make you mindful so that you can confront all your weaknesses and transpire yourself into physically and mentally stronger version of yourself.

Suicides, Depression, Frustration, Addiction, Obsession, Anxiety, Anger, Stress, Fear, Relationship issues are deadlier than COVID-19.

Ask for help now !!!
Solutions to all your personal and professional problems lies within the most gifted organ “THE BRIAN”. THE MIND CLINIC therapies and treatments will help you identify the untapped and unlimited potential, energy and power you carry within yourself to heal almost everything that you suffer from.

So connect with us “THE MIND CLINIC” if you want to live a happy, healthy, blissful, and Spiritual life.


Personality Testing, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Relationship Healing, Hypnosis, Stress Management, Addictions, Depression, Suicide prevention, Obsession, Schizophrenia, Fear and Phobia, Anxiety, Anger management, Multiple personality disorder, NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming), PTSD(Posttraumatic stress disorder), OCD’S(Obsessive–compulsive disorder).

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