Training Module for “Spoken English”.

Training Module for “Spoken English”.

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 Level 1 – Basic English

Course Duration: – 40 hours.  Fees: – 4500 /-.

Objective:-To train the learner and develop confidence in speaking English, Simple Sentences, Social Conversation, word building, pronunciation and Basic grammar.

Why English?.

Confidence Building.

General sentences in English (Situations, Questioning, Picture description, Storytelling).

Names, Numbers, Days, Months, Seasons and Directions.

General relationships, Parts of body, Common Ailments.

Name of Professions.

Sentence constructions (Essential Grammar).

Common three letters, four letter, five letter Words.

Conversational Skills.

Group Discussions.

Quick Speaking Practice.

Role Play.

Speaking on current topics and Ads.

Video listening.

Word Power and Vocabulary Building.

People who have no knowledge of English, and who now, want to learn to listen, read, write and speak simple English. Medium of instruction will be the vernacular.
Classroom materialReference book and Audio tapes.Trained faculty.Individual attention.Attitude Lab.

Classroom practice.

Once you complete this training program, you will be able to Speak, read and pronounce correctly everyday words, and use simple sentences of conversational English.

Level 2 – Advance English

Course Duration: – 60 hours. Fees: – 6500 /-.

Objective:- To train the learner in enhancing his communication skills, and master functional grammar along with tools of non-verbal communication that would empower him or her to speak flawless English.

Advance grammar and Sentence Construction.

Advance Conversation and Debates.

Speech practice and Reading Skills.

Idioms and Phrases.

Public Speaking.

Overcoming fear.

Preparing presentation and Delivering Speech.

Impromptu and Extempore.

Learning to Dramatize with Body language.

Improving Vocals.

Oratory Skills.

Non Verbal Communication.

Road Blocks of Communication.

Listening Skills.

Feedback and its importance.

Students who want to develop confidence, knowledge and fluency in English and art of public speaking as well as presentation techniques. Student with poor body language and low listening skills.
Classroom material.Reference book with Audio and Video tapes.Trained faculty.Individual attention.Attitude Lab.Classroom practice.
Once you complete this training program, you will be able to develop Confidence and knowledge to speak fluently in public. Positive body language and Improved Listening Skills.

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