More About TITANS

More About TITANS

TITANS is about transforming human beings in organizations, institutions and businesses. It is about transforming yourself and having the enablement to be the change.TITANS Learning Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of services to the corporate sector and institutions of higher education in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and USA. The services range from manpower and educational training, to event management, logistics, clothing, supply chain management and more. TITANS is about inspiring and empowering people to live their dreams. It is about adding value to the educational process and enhancing the employability of students. It is about helping industry to train and develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes of their human resources for optimized performance, sustained competitiveness and satisfactory bottom lines. TITANS contributes to strengthening the economy by resourcing industry with competent manpower. And complementing what higher educational institutions are doing to prepare young people for life and career.

TITANS Array of Services

  • Psychometric Evaluation and Assessment Tests
  • Counseling
  • Corporate and Institutional Trainings
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Seminars, Workshops & Conferences
  • H.R. Consultations
  • Event Management
  • Clothier
  • Supply Chain Management
In a globalized and fast-changing scenario, corporate training is an important tool for small, medium and large enterprises to maintain their competitive edge, to enhance their earnings, and to meet their business objectives. TITANS partners with employers in the professional development of their employees, which results in higher employee engagement and retention. TITANS programs stimulate a burning desire in participants to do more and scale new heights.
TITANS equips students in universities and colleges with life skills and soft skills. This brings about professional and personal transformation. It empowers the students to be more prepared for the workplace and for life. It fuels the drive for sustainable 360° behavioral transformation and guides students to productive career paths.
The TITANS team keeps pace with industry needs and training research to facilitate learning that makes an impact. The main differentiator in TITANS pedagogy is the Inspirational and Motivational Platform. Learning modules are carefully developed and competently delivered to ensure return on investment in training. On average, TITANS conducts more than 1,000 training programs across India with an average attendance of 100,000 participants monthly.
As India embraces the possibility of unprecedented growth across sectors, Titans plays a crucial role in preparing students and employees to adapt to changing times and challenging environments. While corporate businesses and their employees create the present, it is the educational institutions and their students that shape the future.
TITANS is about ensuring that the present and the future is glorious.
Our Mission
“To transform human capital.”
Our Vision
“To Inspire & Empower people live their dreams”
Our Belief
“Every human being has potential.All they need is a dream, motivation & self belief that they can do it.”

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