Welcome to Titans Learning

Welcome to Titans Learning

TITANS is an organization providing an array of services to various verticals across the corporate and higher education world.It is headquartered in India and has a presence in Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,China and USA. TITANS is about transforming human beings in organizations, institutions and businesses. It is about transforming yourself and having the enablement to be the change.

TITANS Learning Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of services to the corporate sector and institutions of higher education in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and USA. The services range from manpower and educational training, to event management, logistics, clothing, supply chain management and more.

Knowledge is the process of piling up facts,wisdom lies in their simplification.

-Martin H.Fischer



    A report on employ-ability published by C II also mentions the same and defines the need of building Soft Skills, Self belief, Interpersonal skills, High Self Image & Morale. Read more
  • Communication Skills for Beginners

    Create a positive and professional impression on others.Build rapport and communicate effectively with others.Describe the impact of body language and vocal tones on communication. Read more
  • Management Program

    Understand the essence of human transformation and development.Understand to develop skills to become a successful professional. Read more
  • Campus Recruitment Program

    Understand the newest management tools and shape their leadership skills.Be a professional who exhibits self-confidence and self-assurance in your potential to complete any task. Read more
  • Faculty development Program

    Understanding and enhancing individual teaching methods.Collaborative teaching techniques for impactful learning.Designing engaging assessments and help students overcome test taking anxiety. Read more
  • Pre-Placement Program

    Will develop global and strategic mindset. Understand the newest management tools and shape their leadership skills.Learn about do’s and don’ts during the interview. Read more

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