Outbound  Training Interventions

Emotions drive People and People drive Performance ”

Visualize  learning  interventions which build capacity  and  through  fun and play  where   in  the participants  will  never  forget what  they learnt.   The TITANS outbound learning interventions are designed  and   suggested  to  suit  your situation,  both i n   concept and   in  scale.  The activities designed will also put a smile on the face of all your staff and help relieve stress t o o .

Outbound  Experiential  Training  &  Developmental  program  for  Organization and individuals represents  a powerful  process  to  enhance, people, employee,  team and  organizational  interaction,  communication and  collaboration; and  to resolve  tensions, anger, conflict and  crises.

One of the  most  unique aspects of outbound training is that  trainees are  immediately able to  see  the  consequences of  wrong actions and  can  see  the  tangible  difference that  can  be made  by   a   change in   thinking and    behavior.   Our    trained  facilitators enthusiastically  help them  to extrapolate the learning Outcome from these  outdoor activities to their workplace.

Our outbound  programs are  with  a  difference! Learning, as an  agenda, is high on the take – away    of  Outbound.   Therefore,   our   activities   and   adventures    are    designed    around learning agendas.  We  take   the   classroom  programs,  and   execute   them   in  an   outbound format,  achieving    greater     learning,     along     with     fun     and     happy    memories.    The adventure    and exercises   promote    self-discovery and    a   powerful    insight    into   one’s    own and   team’s  work styles and  behavior.

Outbound   training    programs   of   TITANS   deliver     key    fundamental   messages   through experiential   learning,    to   build    leadership    and  high     performance among them . The  activities  are creative and    they    encourage participants to experiment and try out new  behavior.    The    intense  and   involving    sessions  heighten    self  awareness   and reflection among  the   participants,   creating   shifts   and   changes in  the   here and   now.   We aim   to  internalize  the   locus    of   control   of   participants,   making   them    realize  that   their environment  is a  reaction of their   own  behaviors,  and   as  their   behavior  changes, so  does the  reaction  of  people around them.

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