Performance Management



Performance management is the current buzzword and is the need in the current times of cut throat competition and the organizational battle for leadership.The field of performance management can compromise two seperate types of management.In one aspect of performance management,analyst may view the performance of a company as a whole ,and also evaluate the effectiveness of the managers and heads of comapnies in reaching goals.In another sense,performance management may be a system of evaluating employees to help them reach reasonable goals and thus ensure that the company performs better.

Performance management includes planning work,setting goals,offering feedback and reviews,offering opportunities to learn more in one’s field,and rewarding employees who perform well.Planning and setting goals in performance management creates a system of predictable rewards for good performance,and consequences for poor performance.Performance management also involves giving feedback to employees on a more consistent basis than an average annual review.

In a Performance management model,employees must also be given ways to grow and develop in their field.This means giving opportunities to work on harder projects,pairing less-skilled employees with expert employees,and offering team models where employees can direct and make decisions.Greater responsibility and opportunities to advance in one’s field are essential to maintaining happy and productive employees.

To pave a path towards a robust performance Management,TITANS offers several modules for corporates.

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